Our Grounds - We need your help!

Can you spare some time or perhaps a plant or two?


Many of you may take the grounds of Squires Field for granted, but they are lovingly maintained by volunteers who put in a vast amount of time to ensure the community centre has well maintained grass and plants.


Tim Caulfield (the smiling chap in the photo above) has done sterling work in replanting and sorting out the once dilapidated garden.  He regularly spends time at the centre digging, pruning, planting, building etc... and it's tiring work.   Which is where you come in.  Do you have green fingers and fancy helping out the community centre to keep our grounds a lovely place to be?  Then please let Tim know as he'd LOVE your help!


Do you have any spare plants or good fertilised soil? If you do, please donate them to us as we have large beds to fill and new plants and foliage are always welcome.  You can either leave them by the small garden adjacent to the garage/shed or contact Tim and he can arrange to take delivery of them from you.

Call Tim

01726 870083


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